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David Rand, 2011-10-18

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What is JConcorder?

JConcorder is Java software for building and managing word catalogues -- created by parsing text documents -- and generating concordances therefrom. It is now available in beta version, either as an application or as an applet version.

As a Java program, JConcorder is designed to run on any computer platform for which a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) has been implemented. The list of supported platforms thus includes Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and major variants of Unix.

Some features of JConcorder:

The application version of JConcorder

The JConcorder application is under active development. A beta version is currently available on this site for download and launch via JWS (Java Web Start).

The applet version of JConcorder

The applet version was developed as a prototype and remains available on this site. The applet includes the same functionality as the application version, but is limited in its ability to access the local file system (i.e. your hard disk) for operations such as opening and saving documents. This is because of the severe security restrictions placed on applets (which in fact are for your protection, to prevent applets from performing unauthorized actions on your computer).

What happened to the old Concorder for Macintosh?

The original programme named "Concorder" was a Macintosh-native application (thus running on only the Macintosh). It has not been updated for a decade or more. It is now completely obsolete, as it will not run on the most recent generation of Macs. (But it is still available here in the Archives, Mac Classic.) Previous to 2008 I did not have time to pursue further development.

Instead of upgrading the original Macintosh-native version, which would have been a relatively poor investment of time and effort, or attempting to develop a Windows-native version, I decided to redevelop the software using Java in order to benefit from the platform-independence and Unicode support which Java provides.

JConcorder is free

JConcorder -- both the applet and application versions -- is free software and will remain so.

Source code for JConcorder is not currently available. After the code base is sufficiently stable and if there is sufficient interest in the software, I will consider creating an open-source project in order to support, in collaboration with other developers, maintenance and further development of the software.

You can help!

Are (or rather were) you a user of the Macintosh version of Concorder? If so (or even if not), perhaps you have datasets which you would be willing to share with other users of the software. It would be useful, for example, to post on this site lists of generic form of words (in a format easily imported by JConcorder) for languages such as English, French, Spanish, German and perhaps others.

Or perhaps you have a suggestion for a feature which, if implemented in JConcorder, would be generally useful to users of the software?

You wish to be kept informed?

If you wish to be informed of future updates, (updates of these pages or of the applet version, or the release of the full application version of JConcorder...), or if you have comments or suggestions, email me at my_surname at videotron dot ca.